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The Becoming Antiracist Lecture Hall

What's Included Inside

WCS Original Lectures

WCS will release a new online lecture quarterly, along with an accompanying digital workbook and a few journal prompts to assist you in your journey to becoming antiracist.

Community Office Hours

Get 1-on-1 guidance from WCS Founder, L. Glenise Pike, through the office hours offered exclusively to BALH community member. 

Exclusive Digital Resources

Get access to BALH only digital resources that will compliment the only lectures you'll be learning from here and will help fill in the gaps in your antiracism skills along the way.

Each and every one of us has the power to create the world we believe in. We just have to step into our influence with dedication, humility, grace, and patience, as we begin to lead by example in the effort to end racial inequality throughout society.

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When you invest in your antiracism education, you invest in the future of the world around you.

The WCS Approach to Becoming Antiracist

Antiracism work is self work. Here in the Becoming Antiracist Lecture Hall, you will be guided through the deep process of what that looks like. We take a four staged approach to becoming antiracist here, because we believe white supremacy is a systemic problem in need of a systematic fix. You can read more HERE about how WCS Founder, L. Glenise Pike's, background in law, politics, and public policy informed this created approach to beaconing antiracist. 

The Four Stages of Becoming Antiracist: 


The Awareness stage of becoming antiracist where you've begun to understand that white supremacy is not merely a few people in white hoods actively hating Black, Indigenous, and People of Color, but a systemic problem within our society. This awareness is more than just knowing the truth of this, however. It is an awareness that serves as a catalyst within you to do the work to play your part in dismantling the system of white supremacy and replacing it with one of racial equality.


In the Education stage of becoming antiracist, you begin to actively and intentionally seek out educational experiences and resources to expand your knowledge on the various ways white supremacy has manifested inequality throughout society. This is the part of the process that will allow you to develop a lens for seeing white supremacy where it is.


The Self Interrogation stage of becoming antiracist is where you take the things you learned in the Education stage and compare your own thoughts, beliefs, and actions against them to identify, unpack, and dismantle any of the ways you're behaviors have perpetuated white supremacy. 


In the Community action stage of this process, you take the many lessons you learned in the previous two stages and use that knew information to inform how you navigate the world going forward as an antiracism advocate. You lead by example. You share your growth story. You become an ally to the Black Indigenous and People of Color around you. And you frequently engage in antiracism advocacy within your zone of influence.

The lectures, courses, and other digital materials you'll gain access to as a member of the Becoming Antiracist Lecture Hall will help you navigate this work more effectively and with more confidence, regardless of which stage of the process you currently are in.

Antiracism work is life time work, but it doesn't take a lifetime to become antiracist. Make the commitment today to invest in your journey to create the world you believe in. 

Your Antiracism Education Investment



You will be charged the total cost of the monthly fee today and then again on the 1st of each month. 




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Frequently Asked Questions

We tried to think of all the questions you may have about membership and participation in the Becoming Antiracist Lecture Hall. Please feel free to email us at [email protected], if we forgot anything.

By enrolling in the Becoming Antiracist Lecture Hall by Where Change Started, you'll get access to the following: 

  • Quarterly WCS original online lectures. These lectures will be a mixture of foundational/doctrinal antiracism concepts and skills-forward workshops. 
  • Quarterly downloadable journal prompts corresponding with the lecture released the month prior that will guide you through the Self Interrogation stage of becoming antiracist, as well as tips for navigating the Community Action stage in the future.
  • Exclusive BALH digital content, such as action guides, eBook early releases, book club facilitation prompts, digital calendars and planners, etc.
  •  Access to exclusive BALH member office hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursdays from 9am to 12pm Mountain Time.

There is sure to be plenty more to come, but that should get this community started on the right foot.

Absolutely! The original price of your enrollment will be honored as long as you maintain your membership. Should you ever have to cancel your member, the cost of re-enrollment would be reflected in the current pricing at that time. 

The Becoming Antiracist Lecture Hall launched in November 2019 with four (4) lectures and three (3) downloadable journal prompts. New lectures, workbooks, and journal prompts will be released QUARTERLY starting in January 2020.

The lecture calendar for the year 2020 is as follows: 

1. Breaking Down White Centering  (Jan. 2020)

2. Activism, Allyship, and Advocacy: Understanding The Difference Within Antiracism (Apr. 2020)

3. Unpacking Racist Bypassing (July 2020)

4. The Enneagram & Antiracism Leadership (Oct. 2020)

Due to the digital nature of the content in the Becoming Antiracist Lecture Hall and the frequency with which new materials will be added to it, access to content within it will be restricted immediately following your membership cancelation.

All materials will be downloadable for later use, so it is recommended that you make the effort to save any of the lectures and digital materials you'll like to hold on to before saying goodbye to our community.

Membership will renew automatically on the first day of each quarter using the method of payment authorized at the start of your membership. 

Due to the digital nature of this product, no refunds be available after content has been accessed by you.

Ready To Get Serious About Your Antiracism Education?

This world needs you to be confidently antiracist. Make the investment today to start the process of creating the world you believe in.

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